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Adult IOP

Our Intensive outpatient program (IOP) for adults treats substance use disorders along with co-occuring mental health issues. Studies show that IOP programs are as effective as inpatient treatment for most individuals seeking care.

What to expect from the adult IOP program at The Refuge

Skills Labs

Skills labs provide clients with the opportunity for hands-on practice with the tools they are learning before applying skills in real life situations. Each skills lab focuses on different tools and subjects to provide a well rounded experience. 


Psychoeducation provides information and education about the issues that have brought the client to seek treatment

Support System Involvement

Whether you rely on family or other loved ones and friends to help you through your recovery, we are here to help them. We offer referrals, group therapy, and other resources to enable them to help your treatment be more successful.

Experiential Therapy

Our experiential therapy modules allow clients to use expressive tools, activities, and other methods to reenact or recreate specific situations from past and present situations in their lives.

Yoga & Polyvagal Approaches

These techniques help clients learn to be aware of their own bodies through breath, movement, posture and top-down exercises. 

Case Management

Our team will help you navigate the issues that arise throughout your treatment, such as finding housing, medical referrals, documentation for legal issues, etc. 

Start the Process

If you think IOP may help you, get in touch to schedule an intake. 

What our clients are saying...

"Every staff member at the facility is very respectful and attentive. They check to make sure we are all okay and I love it here."
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