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Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and establishes a meaningful outcome, helping clients make progress in each session.

Core Energy CoachingTM is emotionally connecting the client’s inner purpose and passion to their outer goals and strategies. By asking empowering questions and getting to the root of any inner and outer blocks, this style of coaching helps clients consciously connect with their core thoughts and emotions.


Coaching is applicable to any situation or topic bringing clarity and positive change from within for a happier, more fulfilling life experience.

Am I a good candidate for coaching?
Coaching is for functioning people, as opposed to therapy, which focuses on individuals with a disorder or level of dysfunction. Ideal clients for coaching are less affected on a regular basis by their past traumas or disorder, but want support in moving through other areas in their life.

What's the difference between coaching and therapy?
Coaching focuses on empowering the client towards performance improvement, learning, or development in select areas of life. The coach helps the client move forward by focusing on “how.” Therapists help clients fix problems often diving into deep-seated emotional issues to work on personal healing, trauma recovery, and managing mental illness. The therapist usually helps the client heal by figuring out “why.”

Why coaching instead of therapy (or in addition to)?
You have done the work (if needed) to uncover the “why” and feel mentally stable, however, you are struggling with moving forward in other personal or professional situations. A feeling of being stuck, settling for what is, a general feeling of apathy towards things in your life, and a desire to change it all.

Coaching at the Refuge is a 12 week program, working with one of our trained Therapists. 

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