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Zen Garden

The Refuge Annapolis

Find sanctuary in the depths of your courage.

At The Refuge, we transform lives by offering individualized, professional care rooted in the philosophy of mind and personal empowerment. In a welcoming and approachable environment, we extend our focus to families, fostering lifelong recovery and healthier relationships. We stand by your side, even if it means facing uncomfortable truths or challenging you to find courage, as you journey toward lasting well-being and self-discovery.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (or IOP) are designed for those who need more structure and support than weekly therapy can provide. We offer IOP for both adults and adolescents. Our adult IOP program is substance use based with a strong mental health focus. Our adolescent program is mental health focused, while also addressing substance misuse as needed. 

Along with our Lotus Psychotherapy location, we offer individual and family therapy for a wide range of issues such as trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, life changes, disordered eating, relationships, and more. We have EMDR, Brainspotting, DBT, and art therapy available as well as a full range of other treatment modalities.


Not sure if you qualify for treatment? Call today to schedule an assessment and one of our fully licensed therapists can help you find the right path to healing. If a good fit, we encourage starting our IOP program as soon as possible. Should you need more, we got you covered! The Refuge has a well rounded and trusted referral network.

Start Your Journey

Contact us to start your journey toward lifelong recovery and healing.

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